• Cycle Hamilton – For city wide programs and advocacy. Cycle Hamilton is a member-supported group of individuals, communities, and organizations that work together to make Hamilton a place where people of all ages and abilities can safely get around by bike to all parts of the city.
  • Dundas Works – facilitates community roundtables on topics that concern the people of Dundas


Recreational & Commuter Routes


Cycling Safety

  • Cycling Safety Pointers – A list from the City of Hamilton of cyclists’ tips, responsibilities, and news updates, including Hamilton’s new green bike boxes.
  • Cycling Fallacies – Common myths and fallacies about cycling and safety… debunked!
  • School Bike Routes – The morning and afternoon walk (or wheel) to and from school is an opportunity for kids to connect with their neighbourhood and friends, improve their mental health through exercise, help the environment, and experience independence on a daily basis. The DSR endeavors to identify and develop the student transportation network, striving to create Daily School Routes based on the following principles: Safe Accessible, Direct, Attractive, Properly Lit, Instructive.


Cycling Programs

  • Hamilton Street-Railway’s Mountain Climber Program – Information on the HSR’s new Mountain Climber, which allows cyclists to take their bikes up the escarpment for free on certain buses.
  • New Hope Community Bikes – A learning hub for building and repairing bikes, offering safe cycling education, providing access to affordable transportation, and fostering a rich and inclusive cycling community.
  • CAN-BIKE – Run by Cycling Canada, the CAN-BIKE program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road.
  • Share the Road Cycling Coalition – Share the Road is a provincial cycling advocacy and education organization working to build a bicycle-friendly Ontario by coordinating programs, events, and advocacy efforts across the province.


Government Cycling Policies

  • Cycling Master Plan – Hamilton’s Cycling Master Plan is intended to guide the development and operation of its cycling infrastructure for the next twenty years.
  • Ontario Bicycle Safety – Cycling laws, information, and more helpful resources from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.


Friendly Streets

  • Friendly Streets Blog – Friendly Streets: Working together towards more walkable, bikeable neighbourhoods is a collaborative initiative between Cycle Hamilton and Environment Hamilton designed to engage community stakeholders in securing safer cycling and walking conditions in urban Hamilton. Check out their blog for more information!
  • Friendly Streets Hamilton Toolkit – Friendly Streets Hamilton recently put together a 14-module toolkit on traffic calming, cycle-friendly business tips, street vibrancy, and more! Check out the toolkit for full details!