Where to now?

We have seen many new cyclists on the trails and roads this spring. We were planning a group ride for bike month (was June). We hope that in September we can once again find a way to ride safely as a group. (Funny how the notion of riding safely has a whole new meaning.)

Meanwhile enjoy the summer and ride well. Please remember that when you are on the trail that one should ring a bell, say loudly: ‘on your left’ as you pass. Pedestrians and their pets can be startled by a high speed bike flashing by and may act erratically in surprise causing an accident. Remember how it feels to have a dump truck flash past you at close quarters and be kind to the pedestrians you meet.

Monthly Meeting

Join us for our monthly meeting on Thursday March 5th at 7:30pm at

Salvation Army –

150 King St W. Dundas

Please note change of location

We will continue our planning a gala bike ride for the spring. Hoping to add a bike race or two.


1. Update from Meeting with Arlene and meeting with Cycle Hamilton and City Planner – Jessie

2. Updates from Hamilton Cycling Committee including about Hwy 8 – Wm and Cora

3. Future Direction of Dundas Rides (priorities and group organization) – group discussion

4. Responsibilities related to incorporation – Wm

5. Updates regarding the June 6th event – Jessie

6. Updates regarding the Green Venture Garden tour – Jessie

7. Other

Ward 13 Candidate Bike Ride

ward13 rideOn September 20th, a group of intrepid cyclists took a 30 minute tour of Dundas to see some of our cycling infrastructure and to look at some of the challenges.

We were pleased to see 3 council candidates and 4 trustee candidates managed to attend and then share some of their thoughts about cycling in Dundas with the group and also listen to our hopes for safer cycling for us and for our children.

Please let us know if you would like to help us formulate our vision and work towards the combined goals of Vision Zero and Friendly Streets for the health of our community.