HamOnt Cycling Research Forum

Thursday Jun 17th 7:00pm – 8:00pm


More and more people are choosing to bike in Hamilton. With a growing network of cycling facilities and a public bicycle share program, Hamilton is an ideal place to study how bicyclists travel in a mid-sized city and to examine their behaviours and experiences on both personal and shared bicycles. Such local research ​can inform program, policy, and intervention decisions that support more people of all ages and abilities in cycling.

Elise Desjardins (PhD student) and Raj Ubhi (Master’s student) from the School of Earth, Environment & Society at McMaster University will be presenting the findings and policy implications of their recent research on cycling.

  • Raj Ubhi — Are Dominant Routes the Least Stressful Routes? An Investigation of Hamilton Bike Share using Web Land Trajectory Service
  • Elise Desjardins — Exploring the Influence of the Built Environment on the Route Choice of Regular Bicyclists in Hamilton

Join this free virtual event held on Zoom to learn more about recent research on cycling in Hamilton and to ask questions to the panel.

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